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At 1xBet, our Terms and Conditions are the cornerstone of our relationship with our customers. These rules are designed to ensure a fair, transparent, and secure betting environment. Our agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of both 1xBet and our valued users, governing all interactions and transactions. It’s essential for our customers to familiarize themselves with these terms to fully understand the scope of services we offer and the guidelines that need to be followed. This foundation allows us to provide a trusted platform for sports betting and gaming, ensuring that we can cater to your needs while upholding integrity and fairness in all our operations.

General Terms and Definitions

In our continuous effort to ensure clarity and transparency in all our interactions with you, our valued customer, we present a concise glossary of common terms and definitions utilized within the 1xBet platform. Understanding these terms is fundamental to navigating our services and enhancing your betting experience.

  • Bet: A bet is a risk-driven agreement between you, the customer, and us, the bookmaker, under our established Rules. This agreement hinges on the outcome of an event that is yet to occur. Bets are placed based on the conditions we offer, underlining the mutual understanding of potential winnings and the risks involved.
  • Outcome: The outcome refers to the result of the event or events on which a bet was placed. It determines whether the conditions of the bet are met and, consequently, whether winnings are due.
  • Customer: The term customer denotes an individual who engages with us by placing bets on outcomes. As our customer, you are at the center of our operations, and we are committed to providing you with a fair and secure betting environment.
  • Bet Cancellation: Bet cancellation occurs when a bet is not settled, and no winnings are paid out. This can happen under specific conditions outlined in our Rules. In such cases, the bet is considered unconcluded, and the stake is refunded to the customer, ensuring fairness and integrity in our dealings.
  • Regular Time: Regular time is defined as the official duration of a match according to the regulations of the respective sport, including any time added by the referee. It’s important to note that this does not encompass extra time, overtimes, penalty shootouts, or any other extensions beyond the standard regulation time.

These definitions form the foundation of our betting terms and are designed to guide you through your 1xBet experience with confidence and understanding.

General Terms

At 1xBet, ensuring a secure and fair gaming experience for all our users is our top priority. To participate on our platform, it’s essential to agree to our General Terms and Conditions. These terms are designed to protect both you and us, outlining the legal framework within which we operate. We’re licensed in Curaçao by Caecus N.V. under license 1668/JAZ, ensuring our operations adhere to strict regulatory standards.

We also emphasize responsible gaming, requiring users to accept our Responsible Gaming Agreement and its terms before participating. It’s important for us to clarify that individuals under 18, those directly involved in the events on which bets are placed, representatives of other bookmakers, or anyone legally prohibited from betting are not allowed to place bets with us.

Our services might not be legal in certain countries, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that your participation is lawful in your jurisdiction. We advise seeking legal advice before registering.

We reserve the right to refuse bets or close accounts if these rules are violated, aiming to maintain a respectful and fair betting environment. All bets are settled based on the information from our processing center, with winnings paid out within 30 days from the result’s official publication.

By betting with us, you acknowledge and accept these terms, ensuring a transparent and trusted betting experience at 1xBet.


In conclusion, at 1xBet, we are committed to providing a secure, fair, and responsible betting environment. Our General Terms and Conditions, along with our Responsible Gaming Agreement, form the cornerstone of this commitment, ensuring a transparent and trustworthy platform for all our users. We operate under strict regulatory oversight, offering peace of mind to our customers. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the game, our terms are designed to protect your interests and promote a positive betting experience. By choosing to play with us, you’re not just engaging in a pastime; you’re joining a community that values fairness, security, and responsible gaming. Thank you for choosing 1xBet, where we strive to meet your betting needs responsibly and with integrity.


What happens if the General Terms and Conditions of 1xBet change?

If the General Terms and Conditions are updated, existing users are notified and may choose to stop using the services before the changes take effect. This grace period is a minimum of two weeks from the announcement of the updates.

Who cannot place bets on 1xBet?

Individuals under 18, participants directly involved in the events (like athletes, coaches, referees), those representing other bookmakers, and anyone restricted by law from betting cannot place bets on 1xBet.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with my bet?

In case of any issues with your bet, contact 1xBet’s customer support immediately. Bets are settled based on the data from the processing center, and any discrepancies or concerns will be addressed according to the official results and betting rules.

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